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Nov 13

Written by: Dean3238
11/13/2010 8:30 AM 

While it has been a while for a number of reasons I won't go into here, progress continues, actually pretty rapidly, on It Never Snows (SCS Market Garden).

The in-house game has go through a number of counter revamps and at least one re-start, but is now cruising along and currently in turn 3 of 17.

By sector, the situation is:

1 Abn/ Polish Bde: Successfully taken Arnhem (except for one hex containing one step of SS hold outs) and the Arnhem Road Bridge. The division is holding up in the city, except for a tail of troops still moving in out through Oosterbeek from the drop zones. The divisional supply zone has been overrun by Germans, so the division is now out of supply (or will be at the end of its next turn). It is currently surrounded on three sides by SS and is attempting to hold on. The Poles have secured a protective bridgehead south of the river at the bridge. 

82 Abn: Holding most of Nijmegen. They captured the RR bridge but the Road Bridge was successfully blown. They are hemmed in by a motley collection of scratch troops but are in supply and in good shape at the moment.

101 Abn: Holding the Veghel Bridge against two German KGs. Successfully secured the Grave and Son Bridges and is about to link up with XXX Corps.

XXX Corps: Lurched rapidly forward to secure Eindhoven before the Germans could establish troops in the city. To do so, by-passed a small pocket of Germans in Valkenswaard (which will be cleaned up momentarily freeing the corps for further movement. Quite a few troops have bee soaked off defending the narrow penetration against some seriously underpowered German Penal units, but should be able to rapidly transfer through the 101st area to extend the battle further north. 

Planning: I front-loaded as much of the drop as I could to the 1st Abn, figuring they would be (and as it turns out, are) under the most pressure and with the toughest task to hold on. I got all of their best units and the entire Polish Brigade on the ground in the first two jump periods. The 82nd was number 2 in priority and most of them are on the ground now. 101st got the leavings of the first two and are much more slowly getting to the battle. This plan seems to be working out as desired. The mistakes I made were in the placement of the CW drop zones. They were too far away (just like the real ones) and the location of the glider LZ (the divisional supply head) was just plain stupid... I'll pay the price for that.

Problems Ahead: Due to the blown Road Bridge at Nijmegen, I'll have to seize a Ferry Crossing and improve it with engineers or build my own bridge across the Waal, to allow XXX Corps' supply line to extend up to get to Arnhem. Other than that, I took all the bridges I needed (one other one was blown, but it was not one I had to have).

We are having a absolute blast playing this game. It's quick, each zone became its own game in and of itself with lots of interesting tactical puzzles to solve. I'm pretty concerned that 1 Abn won't be able to hold out long enough... but that's why we play these things.

The package is shaping up rapidly and cleanly.



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