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Please note these are best-guess estimates and liable to last minute changes.

Red Factories est. autumn 2018
Beyond Valor reprint est. summer 2018
Armies of Oblivion reprint est. summer 2018
Special Ops #8 with Avenge Pearl Harbor est. summer 2018
Hatten HASL est. summer 2018
OCS Smolensk est. June

Atlanta Is Ours

April 2018

Roads to Gettysburg II

April 2018

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9

January 2018

ASL Forgotten War: Korea 1950-1953

December 2017  

ASL Action Pack #13


September 2017

Special Ops #7 (w/Autumn for Barbarossa)


August 2017

Operation Mercury

May 2017

Baptism by Fire



March 2017

ASL Starter Kit Expansion #1



February 2017

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #8

January 2017

ASL Journal #12



January 2017
Panzer Battles October 2016
Yanks, 2nd Edition August 2016
Operational Matters
(with Sicily II)
June 2016
Tunisia II June 2016
Last Blitzkrieg May 2016
Beyond Valor, 3rd Edition (r) Mar. 2016
ASL Starter Kit #3 (r) Mar. 2016
ASL Starter Kit #2 (r) Mar. 2016
WO 2016 - Bonus Pack #7 Jan. 2016
ASL Journal 11 Jan. 2016
Warriors of God (r) Jan. 2016
Warriors of Japan Jan. 2016
ASL: Pocket Edition RB Oct. 2015
ASL: Action Pack #12
(ASL Oktoberfest XXX)
Oct. 2015
The Greatest Day:
Sword, Juno, and Gold
Sep. 2015
ASL: Action Pack #11 (29 Let's Go!) WBC 2015
Spec Ops #6 (w/Storm Over Normandy) WBC 2015
GTS: The Greatest Day Aug. 2015
SCS: Day of Days Jul. 2015
OCS: Beyond the Rhine May 2015
A Victory Lost (Reprint) Apr. 2015
Kawaguchi's Gamble: Edson's Ridge Apr. 2015
ASL: Hakkaa Päälle Mar. 2015
ASL: Divider Set (restock) Mar. 2015
VCS: Salerno Feb. 2015
ASL: Rulebook (restock) Feb. 2015
ASL: WO - 2015 Bonus Pack #6 Jan. 2015




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Hatten In Flames is available for pre-order - Thursday, June 07, 2018

 Hatten In Flames, the newest historical module for Advanced Squad Leader, is now available for pre-order from Multi-Man Publishing. Click on the 'Preorder' tab above to order, and to read more details about this game.

Hatten In Flames takes place in late 1944, as the German Army launches Operation NORDWIND against overextended elements of the American 7th Army. Hatten In Flames contains eight scenarios, and two campaigns.

HATTEN IN FLAMES is not a complete game; ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book, BEYOND VALOR and YANKS are required for play. 

Atlanta Is Ours, and Roads to Gettysburg II are available for purchase - Tuesday, May 08, 2018

 Good afternoon,

Atlanta Is Ours, and Roads to Gettysburg II: Lee Strikes North, our two new games in the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series, are now on our products page, and available for order.


WWII Foundation wins film award - Thursday, May 03, 2018

 As you know, Multi-Man Publishing is a strong supporter of the WWII Foundation. We have just learned that their film, Journey Home to the USS Arizona, has won a Platinum Award at the Asia Pacific International Filmmaker Festival & Awards. Please join us in congratulating them on their win.

World War II Foundation




The plan going forward - Saturday, April 28, 2018

Here's more information from Sharon, as she describes her plan to move 'East Front' towards production:


Note – all of this I subject to some modification as development progresses... 

I have already begun to analyze Lewis’s very well organized records, and am looking at filling out some of the gaps and reorganizing to support the business plan going forward. 

As announced, we are planning to separate East Front into three smaller products. Early, mid and late war sets will each consist of two front-and-back printed 16”x22” maps (4 maps), two to three 5/8” counter sheets, and six scenarios. 

We also plan to release a historical PanzerBlitz module corresponding to each of these products. 

To launch the PanzerBlitz East Front series, we plan to release the late war geomorphic module, tentatively named Red Wave, followed by the late war historical map based module. 

So again, Red Wave is planned to have two front-and-back printed 16”x22” maps (4 maps), two to three 5/8” counter sheets, and six scenarios. 

The historical map module will feature some heavy tank-on-tank East Front action with something that should excite all players – Soviet Guards formations, PanzerGrenadiers, Tigers, Stalins, Panthers, T-34s… you get the picture. This historical module is planned to include three full size maps, four countersheets, and eight to nine scenarios. 

At least this is the plan for now. Depending on success of these products, more are bound to follow. 

The interim goal is to showcase the geomorphic Red Wave module and possibly some of the historical module at WBC. I will keep you all updated with progress towards this goal.


New module for PanzerBlitz game series - Saturday, April 28, 2018

Multi-Man Publishing is pleased to announce that Sharon Boyd has been brought onboard to help with the new PanzerBlitz-series game module, tentatively titled 'East Front'. Please join us in welcoming Sharon to the team.

Here she is, introducing herself: 

Hello to all - I would first like to briefly introduce myself : I am a Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a BS in Military History and have an MBA from U of Missouri-Columbia. I served in both the Air Force and Army, my last assignment serving as an Imagery Analysis Officer at the DIA. My current day job is Information Technology QA test programming. 

I have been playing wargames since the early 70s when a childhood friend roped me into playing TAHGC Midway… as the Americans. The older brother of this friend had a newly minted copy of PanzerBlitz out on a nearby table - and it was love at first sight. A plethora of gaming experiences have followed with more TAHGC offerings, GDW, SPI, OSG, and of course, MMP and ASL. (I pity you if you know what every one of those abbreviations stand for.) Highlight of my early wargaming experiences was visiting West Point in high school and trouncing the chairman of the USMA wargame club in Panzer Leader Situation 7 - The Encirclement of Nancy - as the Germans. 

I am passionate about the future of PanzerBlitz in MMP’s hands. It is a beautifully produced, fun to play, accessible, and eminently worthy update to the original that I whet my wargaming teeth on.


GCACW shipping has begun - Tuesday, April 03, 2018

 Shipping has begun for the two new games in the Great Campaign of the American Civil War series. Individual game orders for Atlanta Is Ours, and Roads to Gettysburg II will be shipped April 3-5. Shipping of the two-game packages will start on Friday April 6.


Once all pre-order copies have shipped, both games will be put back on the website for purchase.


Last chance to pre-order Atlanta Is Ours, and Roads to Gettysburg II - Monday, April 02, 2018

 Today, April 2, is the last day to pre-order the two new GCACW games, Atlanta Is Ours, and Roads to Gettysburg II. Pre-order copies will begin shipping on Tuesday April 3, at which time both games will be removed from the website, and will be unavailable for purchase until pre-order shipping has finished.

Put in your order now and the Preorder tab above.


Multi-Man Publishing Honors the 30-year Anniversary of The Gamers - Monday, March 26, 2018

Multi-Man Publishing is pleased to honor the 30-year anniversary of The Gamers with three new pre-order opportunities.

March 1988 was when Dean Essig's very first Gamers title (In their Quiet Fields) started to ship to customers, marking the beginning of The Gamers, Inc. So, we are currently marking 30 years of service of The Gamers to our wonderful hobby.

On this anniversary, MMP is announcing big news for Gamers fans. Three new games, from three different game series, are now available for pre-order. If you have been waiting for new games from Dean Essig and the game designers he has inspired, now is your chance to order them at the discounted pre-order price.

Brazen Chariots (Battalion Combat Series, BCS)