MMP Production Schedule Minimize

Please note these are best-guess estimates and liable to last minute changes.

Red Factories est. autumn 2018
Beyond Valor reprint est. summer 2018
Armies of Oblivion reprint est. summer 2018

Special Ops 8 with Avenge Pearl Harbor

July 2018
Hatten HASL August 2018

OCS Smolensk

July 2018

Atlanta Is Ours

April 2018

Roads to Gettysburg II

April 2018

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9

January 2018

ASL Forgotten War: Korea 1950-1953

December 2017  

ASL Action Pack #13


September 2017

Special Ops #7 (w/Autumn for Barbarossa)


August 2017

Operation Mercury

May 2017

Baptism by Fire



March 2017