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ASL Starter Kit #1
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Jeromy French says...

Though the clarity of the rules got better in other Starter Kits, this set was and is phenomenal at teaching the basics of the game. I just wish this set in particular, focusing on Infantry and being the perfect stepping stone would stay in print.

cristian says...

Please reprint this very useful module!!

Richard Durnford says...

What's the best way to eat an elephant? A bite at a time. ASL is a huge but rewarding undertaking, this starter kit is essential to keep fresh players coming into the hobby, enjoying the ASLSK experience them get attracted by the full game and HASL modules

ASL Starter Kits (ASLSKs) contain everything you need to start playing ASL. Each kit adds new dimensions to the game while maximizing playability and fun. They are designed as stand-alone games that can be enjoyed either in sequence or on their own.