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Konigsberg 1945
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Konigsberg 1945 (K45) is a simulation of the momentous battle for East Prussia. Originally published with a very limited print run by Three Crowns Games in 2011, MMP is thrilled to bring this very well received game to a much wider audience. Konigsberg 1945 uses the award-winning game system used in A Victory Lost and A Victory Denied, but with new rules for air units, refugees, atrocities, Volksturm, and even the Admiral Hipper cruiser.

This game is more than just cool parts, as Konigsberg 1945 features the classic battle between a powerful attacker trying to defeat a "fire-brigade" defense. The Soviet Army was at its peak as a fighting machine in World War Two. The German Army is but a shell of its former self, but still has several units which fought as well as any did during the entire war.

Konigsberg 1945 is a two-player board game featuring a very easy to use ruleset for the veteran and is quite easy to learn for someone new to this game system. It is not an easy task, however, to overcome a stout defender or to stop an aggressive attacker!

Konigsberg 1945 contains:

Note: Any sneak peeks or posted rules are not the final art/rules and may change slightly as this game is on preorder!

Konigsberg 1945 was put on preorder March 6th, 2013.



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David Buckland says...

This review was posted a little while ago on boardgamegeek (with photos). Introduction Königsberg ’45 covers the fighting in East Prussia from the commencement of the final Russian offensive on 13th January 1945 until 1st February, by which point the first Russian spearheads were reaching the Baltic, cutting the link between East Prussia and the greater Reich. This was not of course the end of the fighting in the province – Königsberg itself did not surrender until April, but the game does cover the most mobile part of the campaign. As a game, the design seems to have been heavily influenced by “A Victory Lost” (AVL) from MMP. This applies to the essentials of the design, but also to more minor considerations, such as the appearance of the counters, or rules such as that reinforcements can be placed anywhere along the rail net linked to their entry hex, enabling deployment well behind the enemy front if the opponent is careless about interdicting rail lines. Components T