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A scenario for Stonewall in the Valley

For the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series

Designed by Trevor Bender

NOTES: Christmas of 1861 brought General Jackson a gift of three brigades, which doubled the size of his fledgling Valley Army to 11,000 men. His first desire with this new found capability was to recover West Virginia for the Confederacy, but before he could do so he would first have to rid his own district of the foe. Additionally, he wanted to cause maximum damage to the B&O Railroad and the C&O Canal. The primary impediment to Jackson’s objectives was a concentration of Union troops in and around Romney. He would need to push them out. To do so, Jackson desired to sever communications between Romney and General Banks, headquartered at Frederick Maryland with 16,000 men, many of whom were garrisoning the Potomac lines. A logical point of rupture was Hancock Maryland. With this destination in mind, the Army moved on New Year’s Day, 1862. After a harsh three day march on icy roads, the army arrived just below Bath. Jackson was poised to remove a portion of the Yankee invader and rip up critical northern rail.

MAP: Use only the north map.

GAME LENGTH: 2 turns; January 4 to January 5, 1862


  1. Do not determine random events in this scenario. Mountain Winter conditions exist within Morgan county (only). Sole effect is to use right hand column movement point costs for all movement therein. No other special weather rules apply, includling those asscoiated with movement or combat across fords, creeks, rivers and attack modifiers in rain turns.
  2. Confederate units may neither attack nor move out of Morgan county except to enter Hancock (N3102).
  3. During both turns, the Union player automatically wins the first initiative and the Action Phase ends the moment the Confederate player passes.
  4. The Confederate player has four objective hexes: Bath (N2906), Sir John’s Run (N2805), Great Cacapon (N2507), and Hancock (N3102). Place a Confederate Control marker in an objective hex when a Confederate infantry (not cavalry) unit occupies or passes through it. The Confederate player will receive victory points for such occupation even if a Union unit subsequently moves into the same hex.


The Confederate player gains and loses Victory Points (VP) for the following occurrences.

  • +? Total the number of Objective Hexes entered at least once by Confederate Infantry and award victory points based on the following scale: 4 obj +8; 3 obj +4; 2 obj +2; 1 obj +1.
  • +1 For each point of Union Manpower Value lost in combat, retreat, or cavalry retreat (not in extended march, force march, or moving from one enemy ZOC to another)
  • -1 For each point of Confederate Manpower Value lost in combat, retreat, or cavalry retreat (not in extended march, force march, or moving from one enemy ZOC to another)

At the end of the game, the Confederate VP total is calculated and the players consult the chart below to determine the winner.

9 or more Confederate Decisive Victory
7 to 8 Confederate Substantive Victory
5 to 6 Confederate Marginal Victory
3 to 4 Union Marginal Victory
0 to 2 Union Substantive Victory
-1 or less Union Decisive Victory


Hist Unit Counter Size Cmd Type Manpower Hex
110 PA 2 PHB Regt M Inf 1* N2507 (Great Cacapon)
13 IN 10 ME Regt S Inf 2 N2805 (Sir John’s Run)
1 WV   Regt - Cav 1 N2906 (Bath)
39 IL 1 PHB Regt S Inf 1 N2906 (Bath)
84 PA 54 PA Regt S Inf 1** N3006
Lander Donnelly Brig 1-S Inf 3*** N3102 (Hancock)
1 MD   Regt 1-S Inf 2 N3602 (Millstone)
Williams   Div 1-S Ldr   N4404 (Clear Spring)
Wilm’s Bgd Gordon Brig 1-S Inf 4 N4404 (Clear Spring)

* Begins the game under a Breastworks marker.

** Begins the game under a Flanks Refused marker.

*** Begins the game under a Breastworks Build marker.


Hist Unit Counter Size Cmd Type Manpower Hex
Jackson   Dist J-V Ldr   N2909 (Johnson’s Mill)
Stonewall   Brig J-V Inf 4* N2909 (Johnson’s Mill)
Gilham Burks Brig J-V Inf 3* N2909 (Johnson’s Mill)
Ashby   Regt - Cav 1* N2909 (Johnson’s Mill)
Taliaferro   Brig J-V Inf 3* N2809 (Smith’s Crossroads)
Anderson Fulkerson Brig J-V Inf 3* N3008
VA Milit   Regt V Inf 2* N3009

* All Confederate units begin the game exhausted, disorganized and at Fatigue Level 1.

HISTORIC RESULTS: The Confederate assault got off to a late start, but in the face of mounting pressure, most Union units fled to the north side of the Potomac. By the end of the second day, the Confederates had destroyed the Union Depot at Bath, the Railroad Station at Sir John’s Run, and the Railroad Bridge at Great Cacapon. Unable to force his way across the Potomac, Jackson turned south and then west to enter Romney unopposed, which due to the Bath action was now considered untenable by Northern commanders. In just two weeks and with trifling losses, Jackson had secured three counties for the Confederacy and established a pattern of rapid maneuver that would be the hallmark of his future campaigns.

Copyright by Trevor Bender

January, 31, 1997