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A scenario for Stonewall in the Valley (using counters from Grant Takes Command)

For the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series

Designed by Ed Beach

NOTES: Picking up the Valley campaign after Sigel’s debacle at New Market, General David Hunter marches south from Winchester in early June. With Breckinridge, Confederate hero of New Market, east of the Blue Ridge aiding Lee at Cold Harbor , defense of the Valley falls to a ragtag collection of troops that are rushed to the area under General W. E. “Grumble” Jones. On June 3, Jones joins Imboden at Mount Crawford on the North River. Seeing that the Rebels have entrenched behind the river, Hunter chooses a more circuitous route as his best bet to capture Staunton.

MAP: Stonewall in the Valley south map.

COUNTERS: All listed counters are available from Grant Takes Command.

GAME LENGTH: 3 turns; June 4 to 6, 1864


  1. RANDOM EVENTS: There are no random events in this scenario.
  2. MAJOR RIVERS UNFORDABLE: All major rivers are unfordable throughout the scenario.
  3. BRIDGE DESTROYED: The bridge from S3921 to S4020 has been destroyed prior to the scenario.
  4. CONFEDERATE DEPLOYMENT: Confederate units are deployed secretly by the Confederate player. These units must start in any hex within 3 hexes (inclusive) of hex S3217. They may be stacked more than one unit per hex as desired. Each Confederate unit is placed under an Abatis marker. All of the Confederate deployments should be secretly recorded on paper. Each Confederate unit is individually revealed and placed on the map whenever a Union unit moves to within two hexes (even if the intervening terrain is impassable). This revelation occurs in the middle of the Union movement – before the Union player has to decide the remainder of his movement path. A Confederate unit is also revealed if the Confederate player moves that unit from its starting location.
  5. TURN 1: The Union player automatically wins the first four initiatives of the game. They must be used in exactly this order:
    1. Tibbits must be activated first
    2. Wynkoop must be activated second
    3. Hunter must perform an activate leader action for the third and fourth initiatives

    After these four initiatives, initiative is determined normally for the rest of the game. Note that these Union moves will probably cause hidden Confederate units to be revealed as more and more Union units move to within 2 hexes of the Confederate starting locations.

  6. UNION PONTOON BRIDGE: The Union player may build minor river pontoon bridges normally in this scenario. However, the Union player may also build one major river pontoon bridge in this scenario, taking a shortcut from the usual procedure. One time only, the Union player may build a major river pontoon bridge by activating Moor or Thoburn for a march action while adjacent to a ford over a major river. (The destroyed bridge from S3921 to S4020 does count as a ford). That unit gains one fatigue level as usual. However, instead of marching, the unit remains in place and a pontoon bridge is extended from the unit’s hex across the major river ford (no die is rolled; this attempt is automatically successful). This bridge can never be moved and this ability can only be used once per scenario. This special bridge construction may occur as part of an Activate Leader action. The unit building the bridge does not need to make an extended march roll, even if the action brings him to Fatigue Level 3 or 4.
  7. HEX CONTROL: The Confederate Player controls all objectives at the start of the scenario. A player gains control of an enemy-controlled objective hex at the moment one of his infantry (not cavalry) units enters that hex. A player maintains control of an objective hex even if he does not have an infantry unit occupying it, assuming the enemy player does not gain control of that hex.


The Union player gains and loses Victory Points (VP) for the following occurrences.

+14 Union control of Staunton (SIV S2629)

+8 Union control of Fisherville (SIV S3133)

+6 Union control of Port Republic (SIV S3921)

+6 If either of the two Union infantry brigades ends the game within 4 hexes of Staunton (SIV S2629). These VP are awarded in addition to points for Union control of Staunton .

+3 for each point of Confederate Manpower Value lost in combat, retreat, or cavalry retreat (not in extended march, force march, or moving from one enemy ZOC to another).

-2 for each point of Union Manpower Value lost in combat, retreat, or cavalry retreat (not in extended march, force march, or moving from one enemy ZOC to another).

At the end of the game, the Union VP total is calculated and the players consult the chart below to determine the winner.

26 or more

Union Decisive Victory

21 to 25

Union Substantive Victory

15 to 20

Union Marginal Victory

10 to 14

Confederate Marginal Victory

5 to 9

Confederate Substantive Victory

4 or less

Confederate Decisive Victory


Unit/Leader Size Cmd Type Manpower Hex
Moor Brig WV-1 Inf 7 SIV S3612 (Tollhouse)
Tibbits Brig Cav-1-WV Cav 2 SIV S3712 (Harrisonburg)
Wynkoop Brig Cav-1-WV Cav 2 SIV S3712 (Harrisonburg)
Hunter Dist WV Ldr - SIV S3713
Thoburn Brig WV-1 Inf 7 SIV S3713


Unit/Leader Size Cmd Type Manpower Hex
W E Jones Dist WV Ldr - See special rule 4
B H Jones Brig WV Inf 2 See special rule 4
Browne Brig WV Inf 2 See special rule 4
VA Militia Regt WV Inf 1 See special rule 4
Vaughn Brig Cav Cav 1 See special rule 4
Imboden Brig Cav Cav 2 See special rule 4