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With the publication of Volume 1 of The Skirmisher, a set of standard series rules was compiled that allowed players to learn a single set of rules but play any game in the series.  (Click here to find out more about The Skirmisher.).

With the publication of Grant Takes Command, this compilation of rule changes was turned into a complete rule booklet that describes all Basic Game rules in one place.

We are pleased to announce that with MMP's blessing, these GCACW Standard Basic Game rules are now available for download as PDF documents in two languages.  Click below to download.

We also have translations in Japanese (courtesy of Takasawa Toshikazu)

Courtesy of Alberto Romero we also have a Spanish translation:

Play Aids

The following ZIP file can be downloaded if you are interested in Roster Sheets that allow you to keep all of the markers off of the game maps on separate displays that look like this:

Click HERE to download.

(Also included in the ZIP file are a combat worksheet and a strength loss tally sheet).

Battle Above the Clouds

Charts to keep your BAC stacks organized

Game charts and tables with errata incorporated.

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Volume 29, #4

This issue contains three articles relating to the GCACW series. In addition, there in an interview with Joe Balkoski and the Alexandria add-on map for Stonewall Jackson's Way and Here Come the Rebels.

The Flow of Battle, by Robert Waters - Describes the different types of combat (Column of Route, Hasty, Normal and Prepared) and gives an example of each.

Roads to Gettysburg: Combat Made Simple, by Charles Bahl - Gives instructions on how to use the included GCACW Combat Worksheet.

Roads to Antietam, by Kenneth E. Lee - Gives revised rules for the combined game of Stonewall Jackson's Way and Here Come the Rebels. Also includes several optional rules for the combined game.

Volume 29, #5

Blind Man's Bluff... Stonewall Style, by Carlo Amato - Describes a PBM/PBEM system for Game Mastered playing of GCACW games.

Volume 30, #3

Another issue which features multiple GCACW articles.

Paths to Glory, by Steven Katz - Strategy article for the Roads to Gettysburg campaign game.

Scenario 6 in Roads to Gettysburg, by Joe Balkoski - Official rules changes to Scenario 6 of Roads to Gettysburg.

Great Campaigns: Second Impressions, by John Bolash - Overview and suggested rule modifications for Stonewall Jackson's Way, Here Come the Rebels and Roads to Gettysburg.

Which Way Did They Go, by Patrick Hirtle - Rules for adding fog of war to the GCACW games.

Jackson's March, by Forrest Speck and Ray Rooks - Strategy tips for Stonewall Jackson's Way.

Volume 31, #1

Showdown on the Rappahannock, by Ed Beach - Overview of Stonewall's Last Battle by the game's designer.

Volume 31, #4

Yet another issue focusing on the GCACW system. It seems this series is really catching on!

Teaching Stonewall, by Trevor Bender - Gives a method for programmed self-instruction of the GCACW rules.

Scenario 7: Kelly's Ford, by Trevor Bender - Presents a short teaching scenario for Stonewall's Last Battle. (Note: This scenario is also available on this web site. Click here)

Series Scenario List - Lists all the scenarios included in all the GCACW games, including those scenario to be included in the upcoming On To Richmond. Also gives a link to this web page where new and modified scenarios may be obtained.

The Differences Between 1862 and 1863, by Trevor Bender - Gives an in-depth analysis of the evolution of the GCACW rules and notes all the differences between the rules in each game.

Winning At Cedar Mountain, by Chris Milbourn - Strategy article for Scenario 1 (Cedar Mountain) of Stonewall Jackson's Way.

Strategic Alternatives, by Howard J. Hill - Discusses the Second Manassas and Gettysburg campaigns in GCACW terms.

Summary of Rules Variations - A handy table, printed on cardstock in the center of the magazine, that summarizes the rule changes in each game of the system.

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AREA Ratings

What is AREA? Briefly, it is a player ranking system originally designed by The Avalon Hill Game Company. All players start at 1500 and move up and down as they win games (the better the opponent you beat, the further up you move). AREA ratings are maintained for a player both across all games and in a specific game or game series. Any game can be played for AREA -- the results need to be submitted to Glenn Petroski who currently maintains the data base.

Glenn's email address is:

AREA ratings are now available for the Great Campaigns series on the AREA web site maintained by Bruno Wolff:

Click here to go to the AREA web site

Mailing List

A mailing list of gamers interested in the Great Campaigns series is maintained using an Internet mailing list server. Here is the introductory information on the list:

The GCACW Mailing List provides an unmoderated forum for the discussion of the Great Campaigns games published by Multi-Man Publishing. Here we talk about:

  • strategy tips
  • upcoming tournaments (especially World Boardgaming Championships)
  • rule questions
  • playtesting of ongoing design work
  • Civil War history relevant to the games in the series
  • requests for play-by-email (PBEM) opponents

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