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A Las Barricadas
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 A Las Barricadas - Reprint of the Original Module

A las Barricades!, the first title in the War Storm Series, is a game which attempts to simulate, at platoon level, the battles which took place on the different fronts of the Spanish Civil War. The War Storm Series expands A las Barricades! to cover World War Two battles as well.

The rules are oriented towards the tactical simulation of combat involving armored vehicles, infantry, artillery, and aircraft, and as such they are especially suited to represent almost any 20th century armed conflict as it actually happened.

A las Barricades! has many images and descriptions on BoardGameGeek as well as a folder dedicated to the series on Consimworld. Both sites have a lot of detail on the game, sample artwork, and support from the artist, Niko, and designer, Juan Carlos.

A las Barricades! contains:

  • 4 full-color maps
  • 2 countersheets
  • 1 full-color rulebook in both English and Spanish
  • 12 scenarios
  • 2 dice, box, and lid

A las Barricades! details:

  • Designed by: Juan Carlos Cebrian and Nicolas Eskubi
  • Artwork by: Nicolas Eskubi

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