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ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1
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     Currently Out of Print!

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1 - Beyond the Beaches

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1 is a small scenario bundle (four scenarios) and one map all specifically designed for use with the ASL Starter Kit #1.

ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1 contains:

  • 1 ASL/ASLSK geomorphic mapboard (board p)
  • 4 ASLSK scenarios


  • S41 Sink's Encouragement - 5 turns, board p, 8 June 1944, St. Come du Mont, France
  • S42 One More Hedgerow - 5.5 turns, board p, 13 June 1944, Couvains, France
  • S43 Clearing Carentan - 6 turns, board z, 12 June 1944, Carentan, France
  • S59 Mopping Up - 7 turns, board p, 6 June 1944, St. Laurent, France (this scenario originally appeared in Specal Ops #6 and was added to the 2017 reprint of this product)


SHIPPING NOTE: ASL Starter Kit Bonus Pack #1 Beyond the Beaches will ship in a USPS flat-rate envelope if ordered separately (US addresses only).

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ASL Starter Kits (ASLSKs) contain everything you need to start playing ASL. Each kit adds new dimensions to the game while maximizing playability and fun. They are designed as stand-alone games that can be enjoyed either in sequence or on their own.