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The Skirmisher #1
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     Currently Out of Print!

The Skirmisher #1 is the premiere issue of the support magazine for the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series of games by Joe Balkoski and Ed Beach.

The Skirmisher is not a magazine which can be subscribed to, but rather an occasional magazine that comes out when enough new articles, scenarios, player aids, rules errata, and other helpful items have been collected to fill the next issue.


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The Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series is the preeminent set of operational-level games covering the American Civil War. Launched by Joe Balkoski in 1992, the series has garnered numerous awards and thrilled gamers with the most historically detailed series of Civil War game maps ever created. The GCACW inventory includes 11 different campaigns with over 80 scenarios that range in play length from one hour to several days. Fans of the series can be found across the globe (including clubs in Japan, France and Spain) and the current design-team hosts annual tournaments (including an event at the World Boardgaming Championships which has been running for 21 straight years).

The GCACW series is in the process of further expanding by offering both a linked series of Western Theater games (Chickamauga/Chattanooga/Atlanta) and newly enhanced versions of the original modules (all set in the Eastern Theater).

Official MMP support is now available on our GCACW Support page.