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Operations - Special Issue #3
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     Currently Out of Print!

Table of Contents:

  • MMP at WBC 2009
  • New MMP Game Series - an overview
  • The Battle for France - a TME scenario
  • Getting More Beda out of your Fomm
  • Leros, the Island Prize - a Leros scenario
  • The Devil's Cauldron - combined arms article
  • A Tale of Two Ammo Dumps - Ammo in Line of Battle
  • 50 Years War - a scenario for Warriors of God
  • A Tale of Two Scenarios - ASLSK article
  • Dead Man's Curve - an ASL article on Hell's Corner
  • A Deeper look at a Hidden Gem - Warriors of God article
  • War By Proxy - a small scenario for Warriors of God
  • The Mazuco - a scenario for A las Barricadas!
  • Line of Battle - None But Heros - sneak peek at the playtest
  • Iron Tide - a scenario for PRP's Iron Tide

Cool Stuff:

  • IGS game Fury in the East with one countersheet of 1/2" counters, one full-sized map, and 12 pages of large-font rules
  • IGS game Starvation Island with an 8.5"x11" cardstock map, a quarter-sheet of counters, and 8 pages of large-font rules
  • IGS game Warriors of God scenario with a quarter-sheet of new counters!
  • ASL HASL map Hell's Corner a full-sized HASL map with five scenarios using the map
  • Two ASLSK scenarios
  • A scenario and errata counters for PRP's Iron Tide

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