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May 11th, 1944 ... The Germans had exacted a heavy toll for American advances in Italy. Night attacks were now deemed necessary to break the stalemate.   The moon was new, but the lack of cloud cover made it seem incredibly bright, or so it seemed to the men of Company F as they stepped off into the darkness towards Hill 103.

June 6th, 1944 ... They had scaled the cliffs and taken the lightly-defended coastal battery position with relative ease, but they lacked heavy weapons and their backs were to the sea.  Each Ranger now anxiously looked inland for the German response which was sure to come across the cratered landscape of Pointe-du-Hoc.

September 20th, 1944 ... British paratroopers were being slaughtered in Arnhem.  There was no time for more frontal assaults on the Waal River bridge.   Gavin would hurl his paratroopers across the river in a daring daylight river assault to outflank the German defenses.  How many of the flimsy boats with their cargo of heavily-laden fighting men would make it across against the swift current?

January 3rd, 1945... Hitler's last gamble was just about spent as the Battle of the Bulge drew to its inevitable conclusion, but the embattled defenders of Bastogne knew they would have to endure the fury of yet another armored assault as they watched tanks of the 9th SS Panzer Division deploy for one last desperate attempt to crack the American lines.


This is YANKS ... the American extension to the ASL game system.  An extensive U.S. Army countermix is presented so that you can command every major vehicle, weapon and troop type that saw action in the European Theater.   Whether you play the eight historical scenarios or use the Point Values to design endless situations of your own, you'll find countless hours of exciting entertainment  Four geomorphic boards (16-19) depicting a variety of rural settings complement the varied assortment of playing surfaces available for this acclaimed game system.  Relatively Boards 7 and 12 are necessary to play three of the scenarios included herein.

NOTE:  Chapter E, the optional rules including Night, Interrogation, Weather, Ski Troops, Boats, Swimming, Air Support, Gliders, Paratroop Landings, Ammo Vehicles, Convoys and Artillery Barrage rules, is now included with the  ASL RULEBOOK SECOND EDITION.  The Chapter E pages included with YANKS are first edition versions.

Scenario List

  • ASL Scenario 19    Backs to the Sea
  • ASL Scenario 20    Taking the Left Tit
  • ASL Scenario 21    Among the Ruins
  • ASL Scenario 22    Kurhaus Clash
  • ASL Scenario 23    Under the Noel Trees
  • ASL Scenario 24    The Mad Minute
  • ASL Scenario 25    Gavin's Gamble
  • ASL Scenario 26    Tanks in the Street

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The ASL Core Modules provide mapboards, scenarios, Chapter H rules, and countersheets to play the nationalities of the major combatants in World War II.