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ASL Starter Kit Q & A

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ASL Starter Kit #1 Errata

- [Corrected in the rulebook included with ASL Starter Kit #2]

2.0 CX stands for Counter Exhaustion.

3.1 The RPh example on page 4 incorrectly refers to the 5-2-7 in Q6 removing a DM counter; the unit is not DM, however.

3.3 Being CX does not affect a unit's dice rolls for morale checks or PTC.

3.31 Residual FP is decreased one column for each hindrance DRM and CX DRM that affects the initial attack. EX: A 4 FP attack that suffers a +1 orchard hindrance leaves only 1 Residual FP. If the attacker were also CX, no Residual FP would be left (even if being directed by a -2 leader).

3.31 Residual FP cannot be left by a MG that keeps ROF (but a MG may decline ROF to leave Residual FP).

3.6 A pinned leader cannot rout with a broken unit.

The IFT DRM chart on the QRDC should list:

"Firer CX ... +1"

The CX chart on the other side of the QRDC should have "CC" added to say:

"-1 DRM to CC attack vs. CX unit".