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     Currently Out of Print!

Afrika is a reprint of the second game in the award wining Standard Combat Series (SCS). Designed to provide players with a low complexity game system that also provides great historical detail and a touch of realism, the SCS is an ideal choice for gamers of all ability levels.



  • One map
  • 280 counters
  • Series Rules
  • Afrika Specific Rules
  • Two Dice
  • Five short (3-turn; 1 map) Scenarios

Unit Scale: Regiments & Brigades

Hex Scale: 10 Miles/hex

Players: 2 (suitable for solitaire play)

Playing Time: 3+ hours

Complexity: Low

Solitaire Suitability: High


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Guest says...

Guest says...

Bryan A. says...

Fun game, success goes to the person who can manage supply as was the case in real life. A lot of ebb & flow across the map. I hope they will reprint.

The Standard Combat Series (SCS) enables both experienced and beginning players to enjoy simple to play and quick to learn games.  Each game is a quick-start, complete simulation:  rules, a detailed color map, 280 counters, and everything else needed to recreate the campaign in question.