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Bastogne: Screaming Eagles Under Siege,18-27 Dec '44, is the thirteenth game in the Standard Combat Series. This game covers the defense of the little crossroads town of Bastogne from 18 December to 26 December 1944. It is not a game about the whole Ardennes Offensive, but rather a close-up look at the actual perimeter battle to protect the town and the mechanized delaying actions leading into it. The map only extends as far east as Longvilly and north to Noville at 400m per hex. Each turn is a day, units are generally companies.

Bastogne comes with special rules for road marching, Team SNAFU, barrages, and air strikes - but is built around a quick-to-play, simple-to-learn framework. Bastogne has three scenarios: an introductory scenario covering the Battle for Noville, a medium-sized one covering the Battle for Longvilly, and the withdrawal of Team Cherry plus the counterattack by the 501st Airborne Regiment, and the campaign game itself covering the whole action in a jam-packed 10 turns. A number of variants have been provided so you can experience the game over and over looking at fresh insights.

Game Scale:
Game Turn: One day
Hex: 400 meters
Units: Platoon to Battalion

Players: 2 (suitable for solitaire play)
Playing Time: 4+ hours
Complexity: Low
Solitaire Suitability: High


• 1 map
• 1 countersheet
• SCS Series rules & Bastogne-specific rules
• two player aid cards


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Johnny Reb says...

One of the more outstanding games for the beginners to in-depth wargaming. I played this with my kids, and the rules and examples were asy to follow and understand. Not for in-depth aficionados due to some rules generalization to ease playability, but an enjoyable game for beginners and experienced players.

The Standard Combat Series (SCS) enables both experienced and beginning players to enjoy simple to play and quick to learn games.  Each game is a quick-start, complete simulation:  rules, a detailed color map, 280 counters, and everything else needed to recreate the campaign in question.