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Hood Strikes North
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***Hood Strikes North NOTE: All orders taken for Hood Strikes North, whether individually or as part of a Bundle, count towards its preorder number. There are two available Bundles:

Hood Strikes North is the latest design in the award-winning Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series. It depicts the desperate offensive undertaken by General John Bell Hood’s Army of Tennessee in November 1864 through central Tennessee in an effort to capture Union-held Nashville. Union forces defending the critical Nashville-Chattanooga corridor, led by Maj. Gen. George Thomas (“The Rock of Chickamauga”), were initially scattered and ill-prepared to meet Hood’s thrust. But under Thomas’ prudent and patient leadership, the Rebels were stopped at the gates of Nashville and then thoroughly defeated by a Union offensive in mid-December. 

Hood Strikes North will include a single map, two countersheets, and limited special rules, thereby making it a highly suitable game for newcomers to the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series. The game is designed by Joe Balkoski (the original GCACW series creator), Chris Withers, and Ed Beach. Based on mid-19th century Tennessee county maps, the game map will adhere to the high graphic standards of its predecessors, with map design executed by artist Charlie Kibler—whose work on the series dates back to its creation in 1992.

Hood Strikes North will use the latest version of the GCACW Standard Basic Game Rules that all other games in the series use. After more than a quarter of a century of refinement, these rules are extremely well organized and relatively easy to learn, even for series newcomers. The Advanced Game rules will cover situations specifically applicable to the November – December 1864 timeframe.

Hood Strikes North includes eight Basic Game scenarios and one Advanced Game campaign, all extensively playtested:

  • Here Come the Rebels! (November 24, 1864, 1 turn): Introductory scenario, great for learning how to play, depicting the arrival of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Rebel cavalry in central Tennessee, as Union forces under Maj. Gen. John Schofield hastily retreat to Columbia, Tennessee, covered by their cavalry.
  • The Race for Columbia (November 23 – 29, 1864, 7 turns): The initial attempt by Hood to cut off Union forces in southern Tennessee from Nashville.
  • A Great Chance Was Lost (November 28 – 29, 1864, 2 turns): Hood’s army outflanks Union troops defending Columbia, Tennessee, and at Spring Hill attempts to cut them off from Nashville.
  • We Will Make the Fight (November 30 – December 1, 1864, 2 turns): Union troops under Maj. Gen. John Schofield make a stand against Hood’s onrushing army at Franklin, Tennessee in their attempt to escape to Nashville.
  • The Battle of Nashville (December 15 – 16, 1864, 2 turns): Thomas takes the offensive and strikes hard at Hood’s Rebel army entrenched on the outskirts of Nashville.
  • The Enemy Was Badly Whipped (December 4 – 7, 1864, 4 turns): While the Rebels entrench south of Nashville, Hood orders Nathan Bedford Forrest to attack the Union stronghold at Murfreesboro in an attempt to relieve pressure on Hood’s eastern flank.
  • Hood’s Retreat (December 17 – 19, 1864, 3 turns): Maj. Gen. James Wilson’s Federal cavalry aggressively pursues Hood’s beaten army, but Forrest’s Rebel cavalry stands in the way.
  • That Devil Forrest (December 23 – 24, 1864, 2 turns): A fast-playing introductory scenario for learning how to play multiple turns. Forrest’s Rebel cavalry is the rear guard trying to delay pursuing Union infantry and cavalry.
  • Hood Strikes North (advanced scenario, November 23 – December 24, 1864, 32 turns): A depiction of the entire campaign.

Hood Strikes North contains:

  • GCACW Series rules booklet (24 pages, including illustrations, play examples, charts)
  • Hood Strikes North rules booklet (36 pages, including scenarios, the Game as History, map gazetteer, etc.)
  • one 22" x 32" full-color map sheet
  • two countersheets (560 counters); see samples here!!
  • one Terrain Effects Chart
  • two full-color Force Displays
  • two 4-page color Charts and Tables
  • two 6-sided Dice

Hood Strikes North credits:
Design & Development: Joseph Balkoski, Ed Beach, and Chris Withers
Map Artwork: Charlie Kibler
Counter Graphics: Charlie Kibler and Nicolas Eskubi


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The Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series is the preeminent set of operational-level games covering the American Civil War. Launched by Joe Balkoski in 1992, the series has garnered numerous awards and thrilled gamers with the most historically detailed series of Civil War game maps ever created. The GCACW inventory includes 11 different campaigns with over 80 scenarios that range in play length from one hour to several days. Fans of the series can be found across the globe (including clubs in Japan, France and Spain) and the current design-team hosts annual tournaments (including an event at the World Boardgaming Championships which has been running for 21 straight years).

The GCACW series is in the process of further expanding by offering both a linked series of Western Theater games (Chickamauga/Chattanooga/Atlanta) and newly enhanced versions of the original modules (all set in the Eastern Theater).

Official MMP support is now available on our GCACW Support page.