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Out of the Bunker #1
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     Currently Out of Print!

"Out of the Bunker" is a package of 14 ASL scenarios from the ASL Fanzine "Dispatches from the Bunker". The scenarios include some of MMP's favorites:

  • Riding the Coattails, Poland 1939
  • Point 247, France 1940
  • Brasche Encounter, France 1940
  • Headhunting for Bloody Huns, Crete 1941
  • Clearing Kamienka, Russia 1941
  • First Clash in Tunisia, Tunisia 1942
  • Crisis at Kasserine, Tunisia 1943
  • Unhappy Trails, Bougainville 1943
  • First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge, Bougainville 1943
  • The Men From Zadig, France 1944
  • Avril Action, France 1944
  • Block at Ville-Sur-Illon, France 1944
  • A Hotly Contested Crossroads, Germany 1945
  • Pursuing Kobayashi, The Philippines 1945

This bundle is being sent off to the printers this week and while we aren't requiring it have a preorder number we thought we'd give everyone the week or two to pick up a copy at the preorder 25% discount! Order it today and have a few (hopefully new to you) scenarios available for your holiday gaming time!


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