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     Currently Out of Print!

Partisan! is permanently Out of Print and is replaced by Armies of Oblivion

June 24th, 1941... Operation Barbarossa is three days old.  The German 5th Infantry Division holds a bridgehead across the Nieman River, and already local civilians have taken to the forest.  There, with the help of Red Army troops and equipment left in the wake of the Nazi blitzkrieg, they have interdicted the division's main supply road to its units across the river and have repulsed several consequent attacks.  Now, under artillery bombardment, this motley force braces to meet yet another assault, unaware that their valiant stand is bringing the entire German division to a grinding halt.

March 29th, 1942... A cold breeze blows down the Rhodopes Mountains as Greek "bandits" take cover along the edge of a clearing, setting up the machineguns they had acquired only hours earlier during a bold dawn raid on a camp of Bulgarian occupation troops.  Soon their Bulgarian pursuers will begin emerging from the forest at the far side of the clearing, and probably will suspect nothing as they proceed out across the open ground - right into the sights of their own machineguns.

June 6th, 1944... For a year the Borgerlige Partisaner have wanted to attack the German-controlled Globus radio factory on the outskirts of Copenhagen, but the multi-building complex, guarded by Danish SS troops, has always seemed too well protected for the small group to attempt it.  Now however, they know the factory has begun manufacturing V-2 rocket components - and the urgency of this new situation demands decisive action.  So, with every man and Sten gun they can muster, they must attack and blow up the V-2 works...

August 12th, 1944... The Home Army in Warsaw, confident of quick relief by the Red Army, has risen up against the Nazis.  But the Soviets have ceased advancing, and now the Germans are mounting strong counterattacks against the Polish strongholds.  In the Old Town shells are falling all around as the Poles await the imminent assault.  Their ammunition has run low, forcing them to hold their fire until the last minute - so, until they can be assured of "a German for every bullet", they can only watch as the Nazis advance with flamethrowers and Goliaths...

August 17th, 1944... Partisans of the People's Army of Liberation have cut the road into Palesnik, trapping its large but weak garrison of Croation troops.   The Croats lack the strength to break out - yet dare not surrender to the Partisans, for Tito's guerrillas yearn to avenge past Croatian atrocities.  Suddenly the sound of gunfire cracks through the clear mountain air, and on the hillsides they see cavalry attacking the Partisan positions from the rear.  The cry rings out: "The Cossacks are coming"!

This is PARTISAN! - the fourth ASL module.  The eight scenarios contained herein focus on historical World War II battle situations involving the Resistance forces of various countries vs. the German and Axis Minor troops occupying their lands.  PARTISAN! will challenge your abilities in basic infantry combat as you maneuver and fire your squads, leaders and supporting weapons in scenarios whose forces run the gamut from elite Germans to poorly equipped but highly-motivated freedom fighters, to low-grade occupation troops.  Experience - as only ASL can let you - the vicious, no-quarter ambushes, surprise raids and set-piece assaults that characterized guerilla warfare in the cities, forests and mountains of Europe.  Regardless of your preferences (including solitaire play), if you're an ASL infantry-grognard you're bound to find something pleasing in the wide assortment of PARTISAN! scenarios, which range from the large, high-piece-density type to the small, quick setup kind.  One is even "three-dimensional", with most of the action occurring underground, using separate boards for the above and below-ground levels.

PARTISAN!, along with its eight scenarios, contains one countersheet of Axis Minor infantry and support weapons - and also includes two boards: 10, with new, revised artwork; and 32, which features dense woods, a stream and a small cluster of buildings.  Only ASL, BEYOND VALOR, and SQUAD LEADER boards 1-4 are needed to play PARTISAN!.

Scenario List

  • 27 The Liberation of Tulle
  • 28 Ambush!
  • 29 The Globus Raid
  • 30 Sylvan Death
  • 31 The Old Town
  • 32 Subterranean Quarry
  • 33 The Cossacks are Coming
  • 34 A New Kind of Foe


  • Boards 10, 32
  • Scenarios 27 - 34
  • 1 Counter Sheet

Time Scale:    2 minutes per Game Turn
Unit Scale:    5 to 10 men, plus individual leaders, vehicles, guns
Map Scale    40 meters per hex
Players:    2 (also suitable for solitaire or team play)
Playing Time:    Varies with scenario played; on average, three hours
Complexity:    High
Solitaire Suitability:    Low


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