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Gung Ho!
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     Currently Out of Print!

Gung Ho! is permanently Out of Print and is replaced by Rising Sun.

January 22nd, 1942... A Japanese battalion has successfully infiltrated along near-impassable mountain slopes in the thick jungle of Bataan, trapping the I Philippine Corps by cutting its only road link to the south.  Gen. Wainwright, I Corps' commander, hurriedly orders a mixed force of Filipino and U.S. troops, including light tanks and SP guns, to concentrate north and south of the Japanese.  As his tired troops arrive on the scene, they are thrown into a piecemeal attack from both directions in a desperate bid to eject the defenders from their stronghold astride the road.   Failure will spell certain disaster for I Corps...

July 21st, 1944... The invasion of Guam is underway.  The Navy's big guns have ceased firing, and LVTs carrying marines, trailed by LCMs bearing Sherman tanks, clamber across the reef offshore of Chonito Cliff.  On their left lies Adelup Point, its heights portending the deadly menace of enfilading fire.  Ahead, U.S. aircraft continuously bomb and strafe the shoreline.  As the marines approach Red Beach One, the Japanese defenders suddenly open fire; their orders are straightforward; annihilate the enemy at the water's edge...

December 9th, 1944... Bhamo, a river port on the Irrawaddy, has been turned into a fortress by Japanese determined to keep the Burma Road out of Allied hands.   Anti-tank ditches connect the lagoons that flank the town, numerous buildings are fortified, and wire and panji stakes guarded by automatic weapons in bunkers cover all avenues of approach.  Despite their formidableness, the defenses are about to be hit by the Chinese 114th Infantry Regiment.  These veteran jungle-fighters, though strangers to urban combat, are well prepared.  With air and artillery support, flamethrowers and bazookas, they launch a coordinated assault.  For many, it will be their last...

You've fought on the Eastern and Western fronts, in the Mediterranean and North African theaters, on the plains of Manchuria and in the jungles of Burma and New Guinea.   You've experienced paradrops, glider-borne landings, Stuka attacks and opposed river crossings.  Only one major type of WW2 land combat remains unexplored:   the classic amphibious assault.  Now, in GUNG HO!, this too is added to the combat repertoire of ASL.  And what better way to present assault landings than with the introduction of the U.S. Marines.  GUNG HO! offers four types of U.S.M.C. squads, reflecting their evolution through the war years, along with the most comprehensive tactical-level amphibious assault rules ever offered in a wargame. It is all here in the balance of Chapter G: deep and shallow ocean, beaches of variable width and slope, sea walls, piers, beach obstacles, reefs, heavy surf, naval gunfire, and all the important types of landing craft used by the Allies and Japan throughout the war.  As if this weren't enough, GUNG HO! also introduces rules and counters for the infamous cave defenses employed by the Japanese, plus new infantry counters for the early U.S. Army in the Phillipines and the entire order of battle of the Chinese Army.  Last but not least, two new mapboards, several sheets of overlays and eight scenarios are included.


  • Boards 38, 39
  • PTO Terrain Overlays
  • Chapter G (11-18)
  • Scenarios 67 - 74
  • 5 Counter Sheets

Time Scale:    2 minutes per Game Turn
Unit Scale:    5 to 10 men, plus individual leaders, vehicles, guns
Map Scale    40 meters per hex
Players:    2 (also suitable for solitaire or team play)
Playing Time:    Varies with scenario played; on average, three hours
Complexity:    High
Solitaire Suitability:    Low

Scenario List

  • 67 Cibik's Ridge
  • 68 The Rock
  • 69 Today We Attack
  • 70 KP 167
  • 71 Jungle Citadel
  • 72 Sea of Tranquility
  • 73 Hell or High Water
  • 74 Bloody Red Beach

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