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Out of the Attic #2
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Michael Dorosh says...

An excellent effort, and not just a "rehash" of "old stuff". There is a nice newly written two page summary of where the scenarios included come from, and while they are reprints they come from diverse sources and some are quite scarce, including at least one that has definitely never been released into the community before. The articles go back to the 1990s or even 1980s and issues of The General and the early days of ASL those who missed them the first time around will enjoy them. Two important notes - there is a "theme" to this installment of OotA - most of the articles deal with tank combat, and the main article is not a straight reprint, but has been rewritten to bring the original article up to current "standard" (i.e. reflects changes from the 1st edition rulebook to the 2nd). Much care and effort has gone into assembling the components of this magazine into something more than just recycled material. Definitely recommended.

t.y. says...

The best "Bang for your Buck" you'll invest in! Every scenario is a tense Barn-burner!