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ASL Action Pack #7
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     Currently Out of Print!

ASL Action Pack #7 carries on the tradition of supporting the best World War Two tactical boardgaming system with a package of three new geomorphic maps (boards 60, 61, and 62) and ten scenarios designed for use with the Advanced Squad Leader game system.

Scenario List:

  • AP63 The Nutcracker (German vs. Russian, Klin, Russia, 1941)
  • AP64 A Well-Engineered Ambush (British vs. German, Djefna, Tunisia, 1942)
  • AP65 Baw Drop (British vs. Japanese, Baw Village, Burma, 1943)
  • AP66 Cat’s Cradle (Russians vs. German, Cherkasskoye, Russia, 1943)
  • AP67 Cherry Ripe (German vs. British, Centuripe, Sicily, 1943)
  • AP68 Odd Angry Shot (Japanese vs. Australian, Finisterre Range, New Guinea, 1943)
  • AP69 Uncommon Misery (Japanese vs. British, Potsambang, Burma, 1944)
  • AP70 Sons of Slava (German vs. Russian, Busk Sasov, Poland, 1944)
  • AP71 Head In The Noose (American vs. German, near Arry, France, 1944)
  • AP72 Guns For St. Barbara (German vs. American, St. Barbara, Germany, 1944)

ASL Action Pack #7 is on track to be released at Winter Offensive 2011, held January 13th through the 16th.


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Ulric Schwela says...

The scenarios look interesting, pose some new situations and there are some clever VC to set the historical situation. The hilltop village mapboard is a particularly valuable addition to the ASL mapboard series. The reason this pack loses one star is the packaging: the both useful and attractive wrap-around cardboard sleeve has been replaced by two cover sheets, condemning AP7 to a life in a zip-lock bag, lost among all the other bags of ASL material on the bookshelf. No longer can you spot the pack at a glance. The first six Actions Packs will now stand out as the golden age of APs.

ASL Action Packs are typically comprised of a set of scenarios, new mapboards, and sometimes a few surprises.