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ASL Action Pack #8 - Roads Through Rome
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     Currently Out of Print!

Roads Through Rome, the eighth “action pack” for Advanced Squad Leader, focuses on the war in the Mediterranean and the Allied drive through Rome and up the Italian peninsula. From the first engagement of American and German armor in Tunisia, to the entry into the “Eternal City” and beyond.

The ten scenarios included in Roads Through Rome require all ASL core modules.

Three double-sided 11"x16" mounted maps round out the package (boards 4a/b, 5a/b, and 6a/b). Each board is completely geomorphic, and compatible with previous ASL mapboards. Offering new and novel map configurations, these are sure to spark the interest of designers and players alike.

Roads Through Rome also includes optional “Australian Balancing System” (ABS) provisions for each scenario. ABS is intended to allow for scenario side selection via a series of escalating handicap bids. Among other advantages, this can help balance scenarios between players of varying ability. 


Roads Through Rome contains:

  • 3 ASL 11x16 double-sided geomorphic mapboards (4a/b, 5a/b, 6a/b)
  • 10 ASL scenarios featuring the new maps


Roads Through Rome Scenarios:

  • AP73 Happy Valley (American vs German/Italian, Chouigui Pass, Tunisia, 1942)
  • AP74 Batty-P (British vs German, Battipaglia, Italy, 1943)
  • AP75 Gabriel's Horn (American vs German, Altavilla, Italy, 1943)
  • AP76 Smoke 'em (American vs German, near Persano, Italy, 1943)
  • AP77 Texas Flood (American vs German, near Persano, Italy, 1943)
  • AP78 Crossfire (American vs German, Acerno, Italy, 1943)
  • AP79 Rude Mood (Free French vs German, Esperia, Italy, 1944)
  • AP80 A Bloody Waste (American vs German, Artena-Valmonte Gap, Italy, 1944)
  • AP81 Lost Highway (American vs German, near Rome, Italy, 1944)
  • AP82 Coriano (Canadian vs German, Coriano, Italy, 1944)

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Kevin Kenneally says...

I watched many of these scenarios being playtested at the Austin Tournament. The maps are fantastic and each scenario was very closely played. Enjoy.

Paul says...

The Map boards look absolutely great - not the overuse of clutter that we've seen on previous boards. Now more realistic and an opportunity for longer range engagements. [Ed. Note: this review based on pre-release/playtest versions]

The 2 Half-Squads says...

We thought the map design is a very good use of the larger boards. Now we have a hill that has some decent width to it! Very nice.

John Taylor says...

Just received this item so I haven't had a chance to play any of the scenarios so far. Be warned that you'll need more than just the core modules to play most of the scenarios. Boards needed include 2,6,7, 10, 16, 19, 21, 40, 44, 46, 60, 1a, 2a, & 3a to play every scenario. The boards look good, but it's beyond me why they printed the same board on the reverse of each, instead of staggering them (4a/5b, 5a/6b, 6a/4b) which would have increased their utility. [MMP responds: John, the boards are not exactly the same, but close. The reverse side is used based on the side of a standard map it's being mated to.]

ASL Action Packs are typically comprised of a set of scenarios, new mapboards, and sometimes a few surprises.