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ASL Action Pack #9 - To The Bridge!
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     Temporarily Out of Stock!

TO THE BRIDGE!, the ninth “action pack” for Advanced Squad Leader, focuses on the 1942 Japanese invasion of Burma and the crushing Allied defeat and retreat to India. Beginning with the December 1941 invasion of Thailand and ending with the disaster at the Sittang bridge in February 1942, TO THE BRIDGE! is the first of three planned Action Packs covering the campaign from the Japanese invasion to the Allied liberation. TO THE BRIDGE! features Japanese infantry forces against Commonwealth infantry supported by light armored cars and carriers: Burma Rifles, Gurkha Rifles, Indian Brigade, and various frontier forces. Plus a Japanese seaborne assault opposed by the Thai army supported by the Pattani Provinicial Police Force and units from the military academy.

TO THE BRIDGE! also includes optional “Australian Balancing (Bidding) System” (ABS) provisions for each scenario. ABS is intended to allow for scenario side selection via a series of escalating handicap bids. Among other advantages, this can help balance scenarios between players of varying ability.

Three double-sided 11˝ × 16˝ maps round out the package. Each board is completely geomorphic and compatible with previous ASL mapboards. Offering novel map configurations, these are sure to spark the interest of designers and players alike. Featuring a number of tournament length scenarios, TO THE BRIDGE! is the perfect companion to the recently released RISING SUN.

Action Pack #9: To The Bridge! contains:

• three 11˝ × 16˝ double-sided geomorphic mapboards (7a/b, 8a/b, 9a/b)

• ten ASL scenarios featuring the new maps:

      • AP83 Thai Hot – 7 turns, 8 December 1941, Pattani Province, Thailand

      • AP84 Double Trouble – 5 1⁄2 turns,  28 December 1941, Bokpyin, Burma

      • AP85 Slicing The Throat – 6 1⁄2 turns, 19 January 1942, Tavoy, Burma

      • AP86 Milling About – 5 1⁄2 turns, 20 January 1942, Miyawadi, Burma

      • AP87 Empire’s Fall – 9 1⁄2 turns, 31 January 1942, Moulmein, Burma

      • AP88 Full Moon Madness – 5 1⁄2 turns, 11 February 1942, near Kuziek, Burma

      • AP89 To The Pain – 6 1⁄2 turns, 17 February 1942, Danyingon, Burma

      • AP90 Smashing The Hook – 5 1⁄2 turns, 18 February 1942, near Danyingon, Burma, 

      • AP91 Parting Shots – 6 1⁄2 turns, 21 February 1942, Thebyuchuang, Burma

      • AP92 End Of The Beginning – 8 1⁄2 turns, 22 February 1942, Sittang, Burma

Designed for the aficionado, Action Pack #9 is not a complete product and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.


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John says...

Just got this in the mail so I haven't played any of the scenarios yet. Be warned that you'll need more than just the core modules to play all scenarios. Several additional maps are also needed. You'll want 22, 40, 62, 3a, 5b & 6a in addition to the three provided to play all scenarios, as well as overlays B2, B5, Wd2, Be3, Hi2, Hi8, O2, Oc1, RR7, RR8, G2, G3 G4, G5, RP1, RP2, RP3, & RP5 (the last 8 are all in one scenario.) The scenarios are mostly on the smallish/fast side, although there's at least one big boy in here. The maps are quite nice, but as I mentioned in my Road to Rome review, it would have made more sense to print the duplicate of each board on one of it's companions rather than back-to-back with itself, imo. This is probably more of a 3 1/2 star product, but I'll round up just cuz I think the 'sideways' boards are neat.

ASL Action Packs are typically comprised of a set of scenarios, new mapboards, and sometimes a few surprises.