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ASL Action Pack #3 - Few Returned
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     Currently Out of Print!

ASL Action Pack #3 - Few Returned is a scenario bundle featuring the Italians in World War Two. The scenarios represent actions on the Eastern Front fighting the Soviets and in Italy fighting their ex-ally, Germany. Researched and designed by Mark Pitcavage, Few Returned is sure to be enjoyed by veteran ASL players.

ASL Action Pack #3 - Few Returned contains:

12 Italian ASL scenarios (9 on the East Front; 3 in Italy)
3 ASL 'starter kit-style' geomorphic mapboards (24, 42, and 43)
(Note: board 42 had a printing error on it when AP3 was originally released. We posted an overlay for free download to fix this issue and issued replacement boards. Current versions of AP3 for sale have the correct version, as does the Map Bundle)


AP17 - The Valley of Death - 5.5 turns, 1942 Arbuzov, Russia
AP18 - Village of the Damned - 4.5 turns, 1942 Arbuzov, Russia
AP19 - Winter of Their Discontent - 7 turns, 1943 Chertkovo, Russia
AP20 - Victory is Life - 8 turns, 1943 Rossosch, Russia
AP21 - Red Don - 7 turns, 1943 Babka, Russia
AP22 - Ghost Riders - 6.5 turns, 1943 Sceljakino, Russia
AP23 - Agony at Arnautovo - 7.5 turns, 1943 Arnautovo, Russia
AP24 - Tridentina Avanti! - 8 turns, 1943 Nikolajewka, Russia
AP25 - The Last Day of the Cuneense - 6.5 turns, 1943 Valuiki, Russia
AP26 - Flea Circus - 6 turns, 1943 Mezzocamino, Italy
AP27 - All Roads Lead To Rome - 8 turns, 1943 Magliana, Italy
AP28 - The Hunters Become The Hunted - 9 turns, 1943 Monterotondo, Italy


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E.Ayres says...

This is a great AP!!! Don't let the Italians in this think they aren't any good, these guys are Alpini and worth respect on the battlefield! This is the first AP I got and I love it still!

ASL Action Packs are typically comprised of a set of scenarios, new mapboards, and sometimes a few surprises.