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ASL Action Pack #4 - Normandy 1944
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     Currently Out of Print!

ASL Action Pack #4 - Normandy is a scenario bundle featuring the battles in Normandy, France. The scenarios represent actions on the Western Front from D-day through the breakout, with three new ASL geomorphic maps (53, 54, 55) that feature the terrain that caused the Allies such problems - hedgerows. Action Pack #4 - Normandy is sure to be enjoyed by veteran ASL players.

ASL Action Pack #4 - Normandy contains:

3 ASL geomorphic mapboards (53, 54, and 55)
12 ASL scenarios featuring the new maps
2 errata pages for the ASL Rulebook


AP29 Raff's Dilemma - 7 turns, 6 June, Les Forges, France
AP30 Not Apt to Drag Feet - 8 turns, 7 June, Ste.-Mere Eglise, France
AP31 First Cristot - 5.5 turns, 11 June, Cristot, France
AP32 Second Crack at Caumont - 6 turns, 13 June, Caumont l’Evente, France
AP33 Second Cristot - 7.5 turns, 16 June, Cristot, France
AP34 Bocage Blockage - 6 turns, 17 June, Trevieres, France
AP35 A Lesson for Lehr - 7.5 turns, 11 July, le Desert, France
AP36 Take a Bath - 8 turns, 31 July, Torigni-sur-Vire, France
AP37 Apples to Apples - 6.5 turns, 4 August, St. Sever Calvados, France
AP38 Infiltrators - 8 turns, 4 August, Burcy, France
AP39 Old Hickory - 7 turns, 7 August, Mortain, France
AP40 The Head of the Mace - 4.5 turns, 20 August, Mt. Ormel, France

Scenario Errata/Clarifcations:

AP30 SSR3: replace "they" with "any of them".

AP36 SSR3: the SSR refers to a German SPW 251/10 halftrack, but the counter depiction shows a German SPW 250/10; the counter depiction is the correct vehicle.



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ASL Action Packs are typically comprised of a set of scenarios, new mapboards, and sometimes a few surprises.