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Forgotten War
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For the first time, an Advanced Squad Leader module steps outside of the traditional World War II era to bring you FORGOTTEN WAR, covering the Korean War of 1950-1953.

New rules in FORGOTTEN WAR cover Steep Hills (reflecting the difficulties of movement and combat in the rugged Korean terrain); Bayonet Charges; Proximity Fuses; and enhanced Air Support featuring Tactical Air Control Parties, airborne Forward Air Controllers, and the jet-propelled aircraft of the era such as the F-80C Shooting Star and the F9F-2 Panther.

FORGOTTEN WAR includes several new nationalities, each with its own distinct characteristics, and expands some existing nationalities. FORGOTTEN WAR nationalities include the following:

United Nations (U.N.) Forces:

  • R.O.K. (Republic of Korea);
  • O.U.N.C. (Other United Nations Commands), representing forces from such countries as Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Thailand, and Turkey, all of whom contributed to the U.N. effort;
  • U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps;
  • British and Commonwealth (Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand) forces

Communist Forces:

  • K.P.A. (Korean People's Army)
  • C.P.V.A. (Chinese People's Volunteer Army)

FORGOTTEN WAR components include:

  • seven countersheets
  • four 8" x 22" maps (See a sneak peek of all four maps combined!)
  • sixteen ASL scenarios
  • Chapter W rules for the Korean War
  • Chapter H rules for American, Commonwealth, O.U.N.C., R.O.K., K.P.A., and C.P.V.A.
  • two chapter dividers
  • one box and lid

 Forgotten War Errata

Chapter W

W.7C: line 8, after “eliminate a Pillbox (B30.92),” add “reduce a foxhole (F7.42),”.


Chapter H

UN Forces Vehicle Listing (page H192): [U.S./ROK/OUNC Vehicle Note 3] (M4A3E8(105) MT): The Vehicle Listing indicates that this vehicle has a Fast Turret, but the counters indicate a Slow Turret. The counters are correct.

UN Forces Vehicle Listing (page H192) and U.S./ROK/OUNC Vehicle Note 21 (M37 HMC SPA) (page H196): The Vehicle Listing and the Note illustration indicates that this vehicle has a main armament mounted in a Fast Turret, but it should show a Non-Turreted main armament. The counter is also incorrect.

BCFK SW ALLOTMENT CHART (page H215): Canadian entry, in the “M2 60mm LT. MTR” column, delete superscript “6”.


Charts & tables

W. National Capabilities Chart (Chapter Divider): KMC entry, in the “ORDNANCE TH# Color OBA ACCESS FINAL ACC dr” column, change “9/50+: Black” to “8/50+: Black”.

W. Korea Terrain Chart: in row “W1.33 Steep Hills Road” in the “Terrain (Rule)” column, “Steep Hills Road” should be in blacknot red.



204 Human Bullets: In the VC, change “(see SSR 6)” to “(see SSR 5)”.

211 Task Force Faith Breakout: SSR 2, after the last sentence, add “Foxholes may not set up in playable road hexes.”

216 Centurions Reverse!: In the CPVA setup instructions, change “81T4” to “83T4”



UN M37 HMC: Should not have the large white circle, representing a T Gun type. This main armament is Not-Turreted.


FORGOTTEN WAR is not a complete game. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Game System is required for play.

Pre-order posted: 29 Dec. 2015

Pre-order shipping: 27 Dec. 2017

Direct sale: 13 Feb. 2018



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The ASL Core Modules provide mapboards, scenarios, Chapter H rules, and countersheets to play the nationalities of the major combatants in World War II.