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Warriors of God - The 100 Years War
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The 100 Years War was a pivotal event in medieval European history. In Warriors of God, Game Journal magazine and Multi-Man Publishing have joined hands to bring a unique perspective to this conflict.

As has become common with games in the IGS line, playability matched with historical accuracy has been achieved to a remarkable degree. Players move their leaders and units using a unique impulse game system that shows both the strategy and tactics of the period. The game also recreates the massive swings of fortune which were so much a part of the Hundred Years War.

Even with such a simple and easily learned system, all the special rules necessary to give players a full feel for the period are here: archers, Joan of Arc, and much, much more.


Warriors of God contains:

1 22" x 34" map
3-1/2 countersheets 
16 page full color rules

Warriors of God details:

Players: 1-2
Scenarios: 1
Complexity: LOW
Playing Time: 3 hours

Warriors of God scale:

Game Turn: 10 years/turn
Counters: Individual leaders and 100-1000 men per strength point
Map: 27 Areas

Warriors of God was designed by Makoto Nakajima, English development by Adam Starkweather, and artwork by Mark Mahaffey and Nicolas Eskubi.



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Guest says...

John Edwards says...

After immersing myself in this title just a few short times I find myself asking one simple question [i][b]how the hell did they do that?[/b][/i] Simple, tight, easy to learn. The rules are damn near perfect. The phase ordering provides tremendous opportunities to each player to affect their position . . . it just boggles the mind that there is so much nuance in such a short rule book, in such a high-level game. Great action, theme magnificently supported by the rules, plenty of hard decisions, plenty of options (many of which only become apparent after many turns of play) plenty of risk, plenty of reward. Battles aren't binary in nature because your goal may actually not be to win them the game is about control, not killing. At times you're looking just to soften somebody up, or to use a battle to get yourself across the board, or to redeploy scarce pieces later in the turn. Each of these provides its own intrigue, its own bend, its own affect on the bigger game.

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