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The Setting Sun
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The Setting Sun

The Setting Sun is an area game on the great battle for the Philippines in 1944 and 1945. From the Kamikaze attacks to the great sea battle of Leyte Gulf, the entire campaign is presented in The Setting Sun.

Although aspects of the greatest sea battle in history have been in game form, never have all three aspects of the campaign been in one game. The Setting Sun will cover the great battle for the Philippines in 1944 campaign with equal respect to the air, naval and land battle. Players will be in the shoes of the two of the greatest commanders of World War Two; Douglas MacArthur and Tomoyuki Yamashita as they duel over the fate of the Philippines. You choose where to invade as the Americans and how to defend and defeat the US invasion as the Japanese. Using a system that has evolved from the popular Storm over Stalingrad game, Tetsuya Nakamura has created a unique system to go with this unique campaign.

The heart of the game is the use of chained game cards that allow for a near infinite variety of moves and combats. You must play a card to do anything but each card can modify each other so you can tailor make your operation to suit and each combination is unique. You must randomly draw your hand each turn and fight with the cards you were dealt literally.

Japanese Cards include:
“Divine Intervention”, “Where is Task Force 34??”, “The World Wonders” and of course Kamikaze attacks and many more.

American Cards include: Air attacks, Bombing of the Japanese Home Islands, Paradrops, Ambushes, “Halsey Attacks”, Crossing the “T” and many more.


  • One 34” by 22” map
  • 140 One Inch Counters, 88 5/8th inch counters
  • 55 Playing cards
  • 12 page full color rulebook
  • Two player aids

    Game Details:
  • Solitaire Rating: Fair
  • Complexity: Easy
  • Playing Time: 4-5 hours
  • Scenarios: 1
  • Game scale: Land units are regiments, ships are individual ships for capital ships and flotillas for the smaller ships, air units are in groups of 50-150 planes. Turns are 15 days.

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