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What Price Glory?
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What Price Glory?

What Price Glory? is the first joint project between Tetsuya Nakamura and me (Adam Starkweather) and combines the best of both of us. Using an ongoing refinement of the Storm over Stalingrad system, Tetsuya and I have created a game on the Western Front of World War One that is both simple to learn and yet highly skill oriented and challenging. Players use cards to drive the game in a unique system that offers outstanding game play but is remarkably easy to learn.

This is hopefully the first of three games that will cover all of World War One. The next game in the series will be on the Eastern Front of the Great War and providing there is market interest, a final mating game that will cover the rest of world. This final game will cover Africa, the sub war, the economic issues and a full naval game in depth. With all three of these games, wargamers will be able to play the entire war in a more playable and challenging way than ever offered in our hobby.

The heart of this game is a new way to use cards to drive the system. Players choose which cards they will use in the upcoming turn from a 16 card deck and plan out how the 6 month turn will play out. Some cards are defensive in nature (the very nasty Machine Guns card for example) and some are offensive in nature (allowing for multiple activations, recovery, railroading and reinforcements). Also in the cards a player can play are major events that change the shape of the war (submarine warfare, air power, neutral entry, Jutland etc.). You will never have enough cards to do what you want to do and your opponent will constantly be ruining your plans by trying to execute his own plans. The player that is best able to juggle their resources will find the path to victory the easiest. The cards also link together and allow for many cards to be played in unison in a unique way to allow for an infinite variance in how to use your resources most effectively.

Although the unique and complex way the player’s card hands interact is the heart of the game, the game also covers in a more simple way all of the major events that occurred in the Great War. Jutland, the 1918 race between US entry and German reinforcement from the East and much more are covered in a highly simple but effective manner allowing the Great War to be experienced in a comprehensive manner and yet the system takes minutes to learn and only 4 hours to play. The sophistication of the card play allows for great replayability.

We know both Adam and Tetsuya are very proud of this effort. We are hopeful that we can bring you many games in this never before used system in the future – not just with the forthcoming World War One mating games but also on other fascinating and varied topics.

What Price Glory? Components:
  • One 34” by 22” map
  • 264 5/8” counters
  • 55 Playing cards
  • 8 page full color rulebook
  • Two player aids
    Game Details:
  • Solitaire Rating: Fair
  • Complexity: Easy
  • Playing Time: 3-5 hours
  • Scenarios: 1
  • Game scale: Units are corps, turns are biannual.
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